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published: 24-02-2007 / updated: 24-02-2007
posted in: patches
by Daniel Molina Wegener

intel-537EP_secure- does not compile with gcc 4.0 under Kubuntu Edgy, Also, the driver has obsolete power management interfaces and calls. This patch solves both problems, updates the power management functions and make it compiles under Kubuntu. The install is broken, which means that you must install the driver manually, both modules. I will release a more complete version of the patch this weekend… but the time is short to work on…

Originally, I have downloaded the intel-537ep- tarball from Intel.

### download manually the driver from intel
### extract the tarball
$ tar xjvf intel-537ep-
### get the patch
$ wget -c 'http://www.coder.cl/patches/intel-537EP_secure-'
### uncompress the patch
$ gunzip intel-537EP_secure-
### patch the source
$ patch -p0 < intel-537EP_secure-
### go to the source directory
$ cd intel-537EP_secure-
### build the source
$ make clean 537

The patch does not have any kind of warranty.

5 comments to “intel-537ep-”

  1. Daniel, I have followed the above steps but when I try to patch the source I get a “no file or directory” message. I have downloaded both files, even though the driver file ends in 2.60.80 without the .1. I dont think that is important.
    I have an Ubuntu Hardy 8.0 OS and the files I downloaded are:
    intel-537EP_secure- and
    this is what a get:
    root@chuix:/home/jesus/intel-537EP_secure- patch -p0 < intel-537EP_secure-
    bash: intel-537EP_secure- No existe el fichero ó directorio
    May I am doing something wrong
    I would appreciate your comment

  2. Copy the patch in the target folder…

  3. The target folder is the driver file?
    What I did was
    1) I got the intel driver folder: intel-537EP_secure-
    2) I got the patch: intel-537EP_secure-
    3) I go to the intel driver folder as root and do: patch -p0 < intel-537EP_secure-
    And I get: $ intel-537EP_secure- No existe el fichero ó directorio.
    Sorry to bother, maybe the answer is in front of my eyes but I don’t see.
    Before I go to Step 3, I already copied the patch “as is” in the intel driver folder

  4. The target folder is one folder up to the driver folder. Also, this patch is too old to be used on new kernels. Be careful, seems that this patch can not be used on new kernels.

  5. Thank you anyway Daniel, I found another using a debian program but it did not work either. It seems that getting this modem to work with ubuntu-linux is no easy task. This is one of the drawbacks of linux sometimes and it is frustrating.

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