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published: 15-02-2011 / updated: 05-08-2012
by Daniel Molina Wegener

I work as freelancer or independent contractor, so you can hire me at any time, depending on my schedule. I am a very skilled software developer, that can create system software, application software and web applications. I can use a wide variety of technologies and programming languages. All depends on how do you want your application to be developed. Also I can use any methodology that you want, I do not wave any flag on that topic, but personally I prefer Agile Methodologies. I can adapt easily to your software development requests.

My main expertise, is based on Linux, BSD and Unix systems. I do not handle Windows based software developments — only when some browser compatibility is required for Web Applications. I can work with low level languages, dynamic languages and virtual machine based languages to create your software. Also I have my own products, some of them are Free/Open Source Software.

I do not work on-site and I prefer to work remotely. My main interest are daemon (service) development, command line applications and web applications, but can hire me to develop Desktop Application using GUI, based on Java, C or C++.