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parallel haskell

published: 16-06-2012 / updated: 16-06-2012
posted in: development, haskell, programming, sysadmin
by Daniel Molina Wegener

Haskell as functional programming language has a different approach to parallelism, mainly speaking on terms of SMP parallelism — and probably extended to other types of parallelism as it is seen in some hackages like Cloud Haskell. Rather than focusing on processing, like standard libraries are doing like POSIX threads, Haskell is focused on evaluation, allowing the programmer to send expressions to be evaluated in different threads and joining them as it is done using pthread_cond_wait and pthread_join. This approach is very nice, because it is a very good abstraction for parallel computations, reducing the amount of code and leaving a clear idea at the first look which computations are being parallelized.

spam detection, phase 1

published: 22-04-2011 / updated: 22-04-2011
posted in: development, programming, projects, sysadmin, tips
by Daniel Molina Wegener

Is very tedious to see you electronic mailboxes to be filled with spam. If you are a web-master or system administrator, you will see that the web site that you are administrating, is usually scrapped by bot software seeking for certain URLs and electronic mail addresses. That is probably the highest origin of the SPAM on the internet. You know that SPAM is, and this experiment should work only with those SPAM that are related to electronic internet email.

emacs as python ide

published: 30-09-2010 / updated: 30-09-2010
posted in: development, emacs, programming, python, sysadmin, tips
by Daniel Molina Wegener

Emacs is a powerful text editor. It has an embedded List dialect interpreter, called Emacs-Lisp and it has many extensions — called Emacs Modes — to work in various tasks, from programming tasks, IRC clients, MUAs and time organizing tasks. Many people says that Emacs works likely an Operating System, since it has a lot of applications mounted on top of Emacs Lisp. Python Mode (python-mode) in emacs has been extended and it can be used with various tools, turning your Emacs editor in a powerful IDE to work with Python.

function prototypes and references in perl

published: 20-08-2010 / updated: 20-08-2010
posted in: development, perl, programming, sysadmin, tips
by Daniel Molina Wegener

Some people is considering Perl as a non-friendly language, but in my opinion is a powerful language, not only for its capacity to do text-processing, it also has a lot of modules and extensions which makes it a language of choice for a wide variety of applications. I prefer to code Perl using strict and function prototypes, so it looks more clean and elegant. Also it supports lambdas for some tasks. Let’s take look on prototypes and references. You will find interesting topics reading perlsub(1) and perlref(1).

configuring snmptrapd

published: 16-07-2010 / updated: 16-07-2010
posted in: perl, programming, sysadmin, tips
by Daniel Molina Wegener

snmptrapd(8) is a SNMP trap daemon, in other words, it captures SNMP notifications from the network and similar devices. In this post I will try to explain how to configure this daemon to allow a network server to process SNMP traps using both, embeded perl handlers for snmptrapd(8) and plain standard input — or stdin — handlers.

integrating kontact and skype

published: 19-02-2010 / updated: 19-02-2010
posted in: projects, sysadmin, tips
by Daniel Molina Wegener

Kontact is my default PIM application. On its configuration we can setup a phone calling program, such as ekiga, skype and others, it just requires a small script, like the one bellow, which I have integrated with KPilot, so I can manage my contacts centered and synchronized.

gmail with fixed font

published: 22-09-2009 / updated: 22-09-2009
posted in: programming, sysadmin, tips
by Daniel Molina Wegener

On a post from Leo Soto, he explains how to setup Gmail under Firefox with fixed with fonts or monospaced fonts. I’ve extended that trick to allow the same behaviour under many Google products. I’m currently using it to display fixed with fonts in Gmail and Google Groups, for both on the message body and text editor.