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procinfo-0.2 (win32 process information, updated)

published: 27-10-2007 / updated: 27-10-2007
posted in: perl, programming, projects
by Daniel Molina Wegener

Hello, I’ve made a small program in C, using the Win32 API and PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) library. It works as a CLI application, this means that you must use it from the windows console, also known as cmd.exe.

The sources are licenced under GPL, and also is available a binary distribution, optimized for pentium processor. The complete project is constructed under Code::Blocks, a small C/C++ IDE.

Follow the next links to download:

MD5 (procinfo-bin-0.2.tgz) = 0f841029e583fb084bd79eb7cc31d0d4
MD5 (procinfo-0.2.tgz) = b5d99e7c938bd99b1cb6c9ddcc067981

Feel free to send comments, requests and patches… have fun with the tool…

I’ve noticed that M$ Windows Vista does not handle directories with a “.bin” extension and the system takes it as a “binary” file… I’ve renamed the “binary” tarball to “-bin” xD, thanks for testing…

5 comments to “procinfo-0.2 (win32 process information, updated)”

  1. A brief suggestion: Report memory size in human readable format (using Kb or Mb depending on the value), maybe through another option (-h?).

    Another thing I’ve seen is that it always output “Error studying ” [(null)], even if processes are found:

    C:Documents and SettingslsotoEscritorio>procinfo -p firefox
    total process: 404
    Error studying ‘firefox’ [(null)]
    [3968] C:Archivos de programaMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe
    Base Addr : 0×00400000
    Entry Point : 0x0096689E
    Image Size : 0×7733248 bytes

  2. Ok, I’ve found a first bug here, the comment textarea was really small,
    I’ve modified it to the starndard of 80 columns xD.

    Well, I will implement these options, but not with “-h?”, maybe “-H”.
    Usually “-h” is used to get help from commands, on Wintendo most commands
    use “-?”, this isn’t the case… The implementation will cover bytes,
    Kb and Mb.

    I will review the implementation covering PCRE studying, may be a wrong
    passed parameter.

  3. Oh right, -h is already taken. But hey, changing option flags is one of the privileges that we have before labelling anything as “1.0″ ;-).

    I’d like -h, as it’s the flag I’m familiar with (GNU coreutils such as ls, du and dh all use it). Anyway, whatever flag name you choose, it will be a useful feature.

  4. Ok, the -H (b|k|m|g) option it’s implemented… try procinfo-0.2 xD

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