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published: 12-04-2008 / updated: 12-04-2008
posted in: patches
by Daniel Molina Wegener

Hi!, I’ve patched kdenetwork-3.5.8 to get working the webcam under FreeBSD 7.0-STABLE. The patch it’s based on the work of Mike Durian, submited as FreeBSD-PR 117960.

Here is the patch…

MD5 (kdenetwork-3.5.8-kopete-freebsd-webcam.patch.gz) = 7b2c42891dab871988183619b6ad12ae

Here are the proceedings to install…

# cd /usr/ports/net-im/kopete
# wget -c 'http://coder.cl/patches/kdenetwork-3.5.8-kopete-freebsd-webcam.patch.gz'
# make fetch extract patch
# gunzip kdenetwork-3.5.8-kopete-freebsd-webcam.patch.gz
# patch -p0 < kdenetwork-3.5.8-kopete-freebsd-webcam.patch
# make build install clean

Have fun and remember to make a strip show to your girlfriend ;)

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