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[ann] pyxser-1.4.2r available

published: 10-02-2010 / updated: 10-02-2010
posted in: development, programming, projects, python, pyxser
by Daniel Molina Wegener

Dear pyxser users, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve released pyxser-1.4.2r. The current ChangeLog for this release is as follows:

1.4.2r (2010.02.10):

        Daniel Molina Wegener <dmw at coder dot cl>
        * pyxser_collections.c: Added constraint checks for NULL
        pointers removing nested statements.
        * pyxser.c: Removed nested statements.
        * pyxser_tools.c: Added constratints checks for NULL pointers,
        removed nested statements and added strict checking for lists
        since it was crashing with an ambigous list definition that
        can not be handled by PyList_Check().
        * test-utf8.py: Added tests to determine if it continue
        crashing with module serialization.

        Thanks to pyxser users for their feedback.

I want to bring special thanks to Dariusz Suchojad for his feedback. I’ve fixed some type checking bugs and minor ones. Now pyxser is capable to do module serialization, but not in concrete one, still is not capable to distribute modules, so it is capable to create a simple module representation as XML, under the pyxser serialization model.

I hope that it will help you on your programming tasks.

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