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[ANN] pyxser-1.4.4r was released

published: 20-06-2010 / updated: 20-06-2010
posted in: c, programming, projects, python, pyxser
by Daniel Molina Wegener

Hello, today I’ve released pyxser-1.4.4r, the publishing message is as follows:

Hello Python Community.

I’m pleased to announce pyxser-1.4.4r, a python extension which contains functions to serialize and deserialize Python Objects into XML. It is a model based serializer. Here is the ChangeLog entry for this release:

1.4.4r (2010.02.10):

        Daniel Molina Wegener 

        * src/include/pyxser_collections.h - added set handling
        function prototypes. Added support for unicode
        key names, which are converted to the user settings
        encoding (ie utf-8) inside the XML output.
        * src/pyxser_serializer.c - removed memory leak. Addded
        support for unicode object names in dictionary/list types.
        * src/pyxser_collections.c - added set handling function
        prototypes. added name property handling algorithm, so
        non string name properties are not serialized. I shall
        extend it to other modules.
        * src/pyxser_tools.c - added set handling prototypes and
        set type checking function.
        * test-utf8-leak.py - added serialization of SQL Alchemy
        objects, so we can test more complex Python objects
        * test-utf8-sqlalchemy.py - added sql alchemy object
        serialization test.
        * src/pyxser_serializer.c - reduced serialization algorithms,
        replacing deep nested if statements by flatten ones.
        * src/pyxser_collections.c - reduced serialization algorithms
        replacing deep nested if statements by flatten ones.
        * src/pyxser_typem.c - reduced serialization algorithms,
        replacing deep nested if statements by flatten ones.

        Thanks to pyxser users for their feedback.

This release contains some bug fixes, mainly related to type checking and type handling. I hope this small extension will help you on your programming tasks.

Thanks and best regards…

I hope that this module can help you in your development tasks and thanks for your feedback.

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