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[ann] pyxser-1.5.1r was released

published: 11-10-2010 / updated: 11-10-2010
posted in: c, development, programming, projects, python, pyxser
by Daniel Molina Wegener

Dear pyxser users, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve released pyxser-1.5.1r. This release includes a new argument for deserialization functions, so you can skip the initialization construct by using cinit = False as argument, this improves performance, but leaves uninitiated objects, without calling its default constructor.

The ChangeLog for this release is as follows:

1.5.1r (2010.10.11):

        Daniel Molina Wegener <dmw@coder.cl>

        * On all files: algorithms were optimized, the code
        was flattened applying "The Zen of Python" and the
        performance was enhanced in 10%.

        * Was added the cinit argument to deserialization
        functions, which control whether or not, the default
        constructor is called, instead of creating a raw
        instance of deserialized objects.

        Thanks to pyxser users for their feedback.

The cinit = False argument makes pyxser to skip the default constructor, calling PyInstance_NewRaw() instead of the default constructor. This skips the initialization code on the __init__() method. The impact on the performance — if your objects do not require of the default constructor — is as follows:

This enhancement is minimal, but saves time when you work with very simple objects. To take a look on the documentation, the pyxser extension is self documented, so you just need to call pydoc -p8181, connect your browser to http://localhost:8181/ and search for the pyxser extension documentation.

I hope that you will enjoy this release :D

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