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[ann] pyxser-1.5.2-r2.win32 was released

published: 26-03-2011 / updated: 26-03-2011
posted in: c, development, programming, projects, python, pyxser
by Daniel Molina Wegener

Dear pyxser users, I’m pleased to announce that I have released pyxser-1.5.2r-r2.win32. This is the same release as 1.5.2-r2, but for Win32 platform. It does not add new features or similar stuff, it’s just a compiled binary distribution for Windows machines. You can download this release build for Python 2.7 and Win32 machines on SourceForge. Please follow the following link to download the pyxser-1.5.2-r2.win32 package. It uses the Windows Installer and it’s an executable. You just need to download an official Python 2.7 distribution to use this release.

Some notes on performance. Windows has a very poor performance compared to Linux and FreeBSD platforms. Please check the following plot that compares the performance on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD:

Compare pyxser-1.5.2 on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD

Compare pyxser-1.5.2 on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD

The performance on Windows is very poor. The effort required to migrate the source from POSIX platforms to Windows platforms is minimum. The difference the major effort was made on porting the setup script. My code is almost standard and it requires a C99 compiler, and usually I use the flags -Wall -Wextra -Wshadow -pedantic -std=c99 to compile my sources, so I’m using very strict dialect. Seems that the Windows C compiler is C90 by default. No way to deal with the Windows compiler for some C keywords. I’m expecting to bring constant support for Win32 platform on future releases. I will be waiting your feedback :)

Some notes on the FreeBSD install, is the fact that it is a standard distribution, without kernel optimization and it is using distribution binaries — that means that everything is made for 80×386 machines — and also it does not have any compiler optimization. Also, is well known that FreeBSD default binaries are slow, mainly because it lacks kernel optimization and standard C library optimizations. The libxml2 port on FreeBSD seems to be the problem, since it is not using the jemalloc library, and it is using the internal libxml2 memory allocator.

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  1. Awsome thank you. I was waiting for it!

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