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good programmers

published: 02-09-2011 / updated: 02-09-2011
posted in: development, programming, rants, tips
by Daniel Molina Wegener

A good programmer takes its job seriously, not just like another job. He wants to be better always, and he is always trying to boost its productivity and knowledge. Usually they buy good books, and they assume a key role in most development companies. Who cannot recognise that fact, is lost and probably will drive a company that will not be able to successfully complete a project with the 100% projects approval from its customers. Passionate programmers and those who can deal with any kind of programming problem without requesting help are the ones that can lead a development team.

On a recent discussion on a mailing list, some people were referring to the software architect role, that in fact is one of the hardest roles in software development, someone that can deal solving problems from a high level and design view perspective. You can have a very good software architect, but if you do not have good programmers in your team, you will probably being tired of getting bad software and continuous series of the same programming mistakes.

Productive Company

Productive Company

Who do not improve its work, his programming techniques and how he can deal with programming problems is lost, cannot work in programming. If you find programming a bored activity, just leave it. But also you must consider that you will not be able to manage software projects if you do not know anything about the platform that you are working on. I hate those managers that keeps sniffing how do you work asking silly questions without the proper knowledge about programming. So you need to keep practising, and never forget that you will suck as project manager if you do not know about programming. I do not mean those classroom exercises about programming with nifty examples about how you can code, I mean real world programming. In other case if you do not respect the programmer perspective on each problem to be solved programatically, you will suck more.

There is no programming tool, framework, language or technology that will make your programmers to code faster, that is the biggest lie in the software industry. Some languages are more easy to handle than others, but every known language and framework has its own well known best practices that must not be misunderstood. Keep practising and keep reading, that will lead you to get the things done faster and you will be doing a better job.

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