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programming and coffee

published: 13-07-2012 / updated: 13-07-2012
posted in: development, programming, tips
by Daniel Molina Wegener

You can see several articles and blog posts about how good is drinking coffee for health. I usually drink 3 to 4 mugs per day, but not past 17:00. As programmer coffee is one of the best brew. Let me explain it. I have the first meeting very early, so I need to start my day very awake. As technical meetings, they require my attention and usually I must discuss about requirements, so I cannot be distracted. A very black coffee is the first stuff that I drink once I awake.

But not only to getting awake, I really like its flavour and its fragrance. So, I prepare two mugs of coffee in a moka pot at 06:00 when I awake. The first one at 06:30 and the second one at 07:30 approximately. I prefer the moka pot among other pots because it guarantees a good brewing of the granulated coffee beans. Also it helps me a lot with my working performance, my customers are appreciating the results daily. The third one I had is after the lunch, just to help me with the lazyness that implies the lunch.

Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

And sometimes I have some visits which are entering from the window. Like spiders, lady bugs and beetles. Rarely some bee enters to this room. But it is not so distracting. I prefer to observe those small visits. For example the lady bug below was hiding behind its exo-skeleton each time that I have started typing on the keyboard. A small break to let me think on all features to implement.

Lady Bug

Lady Bug

Also, I use headphones, that avoids environmental noise. I get very concentrated once it is required, for example to solve hard problems or when I am learning something new, like ProView, which has a very small community, and thanks to its complete documentation I was able to understand its design. Sometimes I drink coffee past 17:00, because I must work few hours more. I enjoy that coffee, and sometimes I want to drink few mugs more per day, but it is not so healthy.

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  1. I love coffee. But what helps me to concentrate sometimes is a good cup of tea.

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