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emacs and integrating ecb with cscope

published: 01-08-2009 / updated: 01-08-2009
posted in: c, emacs, programming, tips
by Daniel Molina Wegener

Emacs is a powerful editor, the most powerful and the fastest programmable editor that I know. Emacs uses a Lisp dialect to create configurations, functions and modes. My favorite mode on Emacs is ECB, a powerful code browsing one, like many IDEs that I know. The difference is that ECB, do not does code indexing until you configure it. For large C projects, I like to use external tools, but not ctags or etags, instead I prefer to use cscope. But you may ask "how can I integrate cscope and Emacs running the ECB mode?". Well, in this post I will try to explain how to integrate both, cscope and Emacs.